Automatic evisceration

Chicken automatic evisceration process

  • Complete range
  • Efficient process
  • Speeds from 1500/h to 8000/h


Our range of automatic evisceration equipment consists of 7 steps each requiring specific equipment.

Studied and manufactured to meet the needs of the slaughterhouses with rates of 1500 to 8000 chickens per hour, our entire chicken automatic process is made up of carousel machines driven by the air conveyor.

According to your applications, we will offer lines of one or more machines to fully or partially mechanize your slaughtering lines in order to adapt your evisceration needs.

Duck automatic evisceration process

  • Optimized cleaning
  • Hygienic
  • Efficient process


The automatic evisceration “HYGIE” line has been specifically studied for the evisceration of Pekin and Barbaby ducks.

The “HYGIE” range is available in the 6 steps of the duck evisceration process with machines of  8” or 203mm chains.

The new HYGIE range integrates innovative automation technologies for simplified machine adjustment. The electric cylinders are activated directly by the touchscreen, which does not require the intervention of a qualified operator.

The cleanability of equipment is today an essential characteristic of the slaughterhouse, that is why, the cleanability of the machine has been optimized and facilitated by the integration of an innovative frame that makes the central shaft of machines fully accessible. Thanks to this improvement, the “HYGIE” range ensures an optimized cleaning time and a reduced risk of bacterial contamination.

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